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07-11-2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by jazzykat View Post
1. If you aren't sure you can get a second opinion/fitting at a different shop?
2. My feet are pretty different size wise (I don't know how much) and with the shape of my feet the CCM +U CL had so much foam that I can wear the off the shelf skates that got baked.
3. It is really painful to pay full retail or whatever for skates or get a smaller discount but at a good hockey shop the value you are paying for is the fitter's expertise (and time, it took 1.5 hours for me to get my skates right) and usually support. They told me if there was ever a problem with the skate to bring it back to them (this is a locally owned and operated business) and they would sort it out. Sort of like a lifetime guarantee for reasonable stuff (rebake/punch out more, loose eyelet, wobbly runner, etc.).
there are 2 shops in the area, but unfortunately these 2 shops dont have all available skates.. i wanted to try 18k's, some ccms, and the higher end eastons but they dont have those. also issues with some skates not available in e width. i didnt have much time yesterday to try on all their available pairs, which is something i will do today...

good to know its possible you dont need customs for a size difference, ill make my for sure decision tonight after i try on all available skates

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