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07-11-2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
One of the things that strikes me immediately in that clip is the horrible coverage. This is the Avalanche. Omark could expose a team that bad defensively. MPS has time to not only beat the D like a rented mule he doesn't score on first shot and has time to bat in the rebound. The amount of times this should be able to occur in the NHL approaches zero.
Conversely on the Perron goals in tight he's beating guy wide(this part is similar) but he's finishing with speed and on other goals around very in tight traffic.

Can't be stated enough times either that years into his NHL career Paajarvi has only 26 goals.
The Paajarvi goals as such do have a ring of every dog has its day to it. He's never been considered a prolific goal scorer at any stage of his career. I doubt it happens now.

Its funny how Paajarvi can score a goal infrequently and everybody remembers the plays and this somehow signifying some unrealized hands. The more objective view is that this is not in any way a confident offensive performer. This is a guy that only occasionally feels good about his offensive game.

Exactly his lack of AHL production and low shooting percentage is proof of that.

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