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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
He's been a pro longer than Kreider. Comparing their production is pointless. MPS is a solid defensive winger who has below average offensive tools. He's a mediocre passer and his shot is lousy. He's produced by either getting to the net without the puck, or using his speed to beat defenders so he can crash the net that way. I would certainly like to see Kreider do more of that, but Kreider's shot is far better than MPS' ability to pass or shoot. He's also bulkier, faster, and plays with more sandpaper when he's comfortable in his role.

Kreider really struggled this year, but he had massive expectations put upon him and that, combined with the constant shuffle between Hartford and NY, likely overwhelmed him. In his final stint in Hartford he looked excellent. He just needs to keep working at it.
okay but Kreider has never been big time producer at any level similar to Paajarvi, I don't see him topping out as 1rst line winger most fans are expecting. very few players with his lackluster college production end up becoming special players in the NHL, it's just a natural knack for putting up pts that Kreider for the most part has lacked in. I see his game resembled MPS a lot as I followed both teams quite a bit, both players have no resemblance of offensive creativity. All I'm saying is that there are a lot of warning signs in his game that isn't to like imo to deem him as an elite prospect or pegging him into 1rst line role as many are this upcoming season. I feel Miller, Fast, Lindberg are better prospects for the Rangers, but I am much higher on those three than the rest.

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