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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
Thanks to all for your thoughtful responses. Let me toss out some numbers:
• Schenn $4 million over next 2 years, after a great 2013-14 season
• Couturier $2.75 million over 2 years (ie, halfway on your projection, Prongo)

That puts the cap space at $5.9 million and change at the current ceiling ($64.3 million). I don't know how optimistic I am for a jump up to $70 million, so let's say a cap of $68 million for 2014-15. Now, the cap space is $9.6 million.

• I like Psuhockey's estimate of $5 million for the goalie tandem next season. This covers the odds of one of Emery/Mason having a very good season and the other being okay, but still wanting a raise from current salary, or reaching out for a costlier FA goaltender. I'd think the cheapeast Holmgren could be on filling in both G positions would be $4 million (ie, $3 mil for the starter and $1 mil for the back-up).
• Gustafsson will need a new contract. Staying on the optimistic, he continues his success from last season and is logging second-pairing minutes. He's still an RFA, so let's give him $1.8 million, for argument's sake.
CAP SPACE = $2.8 million

Needs are 2 forwards (1 depth at around league minumum) a defenseman and possibly some dough for Bourdon. I know there is Pronger's LTIR money with which to play around, but I'm not crazy about dipping into that well – and all that entails – unless necessary.

In the above scenario, there is no obvious replacement for Timonen and Read has either been dealt for some return or left to FA. I'd sure like to see more breathing room so Holmgren has some flexibility moving into the next few seasons.
I posted this before but with your salary cap figures it is even more pertanent: the two most important players in the Flyers system right now are Gustafsson and Alt. if Gustafsson continues his strong play at the end of last year and the world championships, he will be a top 4 defenseman. He won't be as good as Timmonen but he won't have to either as Streit can take over the offensive aspects of Kimmo's game and Gus can cover the rest. That means all the Flyers need is a young dman to pair with Grossman on the bottom pair. That's where Alt comes in. It really can be any of the defensemen on the Phantoms that step up, but I believe Alt has the most overall talent. If he has more talent then that of a bottom pair guy, Alt won't need more than a year in the AHL. Reads a goner, going to be replaced by Cousins, Raffl, McGinn, or Straka, and Bourbon's career is probably over. If Gus and Alt, or another phantoms defender, fails to improve, some of that expensive foreard talent will have to be moved next summer.

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