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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
Actually yes, and I’m not sure why you would even question it. Of course it was a team effort but his contribution was large. I suppose with his simple, non spectacular style, Hammer will always be underrated, but imo, when it comes to playing efficient defence, he is our best, and it’s not really close.

As for the under/over question… unfortunately logic dictates under. First off the line should start at .5, not 1.5… and if you don’t believe me, ask any NHL player that has a SC under their belt…. Including Hull and Mikita who both will say it was a given in their minds that they'd get another after ‘61 (and they had only 5 other teams to contend against in their day).

I think Pyscho put things into proper perspective in post # 76. The SC is often claimed as the most difficult championship to win, and for good reason. Short of the planets aligning, many things must fall into place to emerge the winner.

Not saying the present core will not win another, but we should savour winning it twice in the last 4 years.
Strongly agree with this post (and Psycho's in #76). As fans, we should be absolutely THRILLED with what the Hawks have been able to accomplish.

Just hypothetically, this is how the odd's play-out.

Hawks better than their 1st round opponent- 60% chance to win the series.

Hawks better than their 2nd round opponent -60% chance to win round 2 x 60% chance to win round 1 = 36% chance to go to WCF.

Hawks the same "quality" of team as 3rd round opponent - 50% chance to win round 3 = 36% chance x 50% chance = 18% chance to go to the SCF.

Hawks the same "quality" of team as SCF opponent - 50% chance to win the Cup = 18% chance to get there x 50% chance = 9% chance to win the Cup.

You can adjust the numbers, but I think they're pretty fair. In any case, expecting 2 more Cups is just ludicriously optimistic. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but with injuries and hot/cold goalies, anything can happen come play-off time, and the fan expectation should not be that even a very good team will win the Cup. There are just too many things can go wrong.

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