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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Because the Rangers literally couldn't add to the cap that Perron was carrying, they were that tight to it. Meanwhile in the Nash trade, the Rangers IIRC had around 12 million in cap space.

The only reason you listed to me why Kreider is better is because he weights more. Yeah, I'm not really convinced that his added 20 lbs is going to make him a better hockey player.

You do realize that at one point, Paajarvi was a top 10 prospect on this website?

Paajarvi is the same age as Kreider and had a far more impressive NHL resume from his rookie season. It can't be stated how disastrous Kreider's rookie stint was with the Rangers shot differential wise, that alone gives a lot of warning signs on his game.

Gordie Clark isn't a genius, he has picked many duds over his time with the Islanders. As a fan, I feel I can critique the draft pick if needed. It's not like he's Hakaan Andersson of the Red Wings to warrant immunity to criticism.

And to call Perron 'just a 40-50 pt player' is quite underselling him since he brings a lot more to the game than just point totals. You fail to mention that he has high end talent, a dominant puck possession game and natural playmaking instincts.
It can't be stated how dumb it is that you are constantly using this metric as an important piece of data. Who gives a ****? Shots come in all shapes and sizes and by itself mean absolutely nothing. A warning sign? No, not at all.

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