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07-11-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
I get it. I really do. I just don't get how we pay a vet like goose the money we are but then can't afford a younger better version of him. And while I like some of the moves we made in free agency, I think most of them are overpaid for what they're going to bring at the cost of losing a home grown talent that ha always done their job well. Silly to pay more for outside talent than to retain your own players for less money.
The trade for Goose was probably the worst trade Poile has made since he's been here when you consider the Goose's performance. I think the guy sucks and we gave up a 1st rounder for him.

I think Poile knows that and didn't want to have to own up to giving up a 1st rounder for that pile of crap so he overpayed to ensure Goose would re-sign and Poile hoped he would eventually play better.

Goose hasn't, he won't he's just older and worse than ever. It's a shame for guys like Spalling who are better players but won't get the contract they deserve because their stupid GM is trying to cover his mistakes.

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