Thread: News Article: (THW) Nashville's Free Agent Flops
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07-11-2013, 01:51 PM
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And I agree with the OP in his last post. We should've gotten more bang for the buck and didn't and now we're strapped with some contracts we will not be able to get rid of.

We ***** and moan about scoring issues yet as a fan base are content with spending $8 million on a fourth line? I would rather have spent that money on 2 players than 4 players that are not game changers. We're also pushing a home grown talent out the door for wanting more money than some feel he's worth but giving it to guys who aren't better players than he is. The fourth line salary as a total should not be above $4 million, period yet here we are, still lacking top line talent and about to ice a fourth line that is eating up 1/8 of our payroll.

Yes we needed grit and toughness but we could've done it without breaking the bank and still had money to spend on top 6 talent. Unless the young kids like Wilson, Bourque, Beck and Forsberg all turn in to studs this year, we're still going to have issues and while I like they're collective futures, I think Poile spent his money in an unwise fashion.

And if you're going to overpay for players, do it for talented ones, not 4th line grinders.

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