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07-11-2013, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Sure he does, and he's made it clear(publicly I might add) that being a 3rd line winger with checking line ice time is worst case scenario for him.

As for Horcoff, he was moved primarily because he got used to losing, which was more than reflective in his apathetic, half-assed play on the ice.

Funny how fandom creates blinders for some people when it comes to players they have fond memories of.
He's a top-6 RW. Damned right being a 3RW checker is a worst case scenario for him. That's not sulking, that's clear to anyone who knows anything about him.

Horcoff needs a fresh start, which probably includes a move slightly away from crap linemates and a lifetime of starting inside his own zone. He showed a lot of professionalism in putting up with completely inept management for so long. Guys like Souray could only stomach one year.

I don't have any investment in all in either player. Too old and raised on championship teams in the 80s to bother pumping up any player on any team nowadays. I'll mention this: Every player gives it his all whenever he can. Teams fail because they're built wrong, managed wrong, coached wrong. But singling out players for blame when you don't know the facts is usually a futile, uneducated exercise.

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