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07-11-2013, 02:22 PM
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I haven't posted for a few days and it has given me a chance to digest this trade.

Here is how I see the latest move (Paajarvi for Perron) from MacT....

The Oilers traded a 3rd line player for a legit 2nd line (possibly 1st line) player.
They received a player that drives results and gave up a player that (to this point) doesn't.
They received a quality NHL player for a player that is still finding himself.
They traded a question mark for a known quantity.

So many question marks for Paajarvi.....

Can he find it within himself to play with courage and grit and use his size on a consistent basis?
Will he out perform his history in terms of his offence?

Only time will tell but based on what we do know about Paajarvi I would suggest that his top end is Radek Dvorak.

He is an inconsistent bottom 6 player right now and I would be willing to bet that Paajarvis top end is a very good bottom 6 player.
A useful player to be sure but NOT a legit top 6 player. I just dont see enough dimensions in his game to elevate him to a top 6 player.

The Oiler fans that dont like this deal have to ask themselves if they are really committed to the team improving now or if they are happy to remain on the rebuild treadmill for a few more years.
The rebuilding has to start bearing fruit and it has to do that this season.
The only way to get something substantial now is to trade potential.

Thats exactly what MacT did and its the right thing to do.

Interesting to note the comparison between the player the Oiler almost got (Clarkson) and the player they did get (Perron).


Size: 6'1"/200 lbs
Age: 29
Avg NHL PPG: 0.4
Contract$: $5.25M/yr 7 year term


Size: 6'0"/200 lbs (as reported by the player)
Age: 25
Avg NHL PPG: 0.58
Contract: $3.8M/yr 3 years left

Players are basically the same size. Perron is entering his prime Clarkson has peaked and will likely start to decline. Perron is a vastly superior offensive player and at least as good or not better defensively.
Perron will likely get better as well.

So for an additional $1.45M per season and a very restrictive additional 4 years the Oiler could have had a player in Clarkson who is offensively inferior and a little grittier.

Perron brings some grit and much better offence. Perron brings more cap flexibility and doesn't throw the salary structure out of whack.

I think the Oilers got very lucky not getting Clarkson and adding Perron in lieu of Clarkson is very solid from virtually every perspective.

The Perron trade is a trade Tambo would never have made. Thats why the team was in a continuous EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW rebuild with Tambo at the helm.

This is an obvious upgrade and it makes the team better.
That much cant be contested.
This trade never happens if the cap system isn't in place.

The Oilers are making progress and if they have to trade more potential to get known NHL players then I am all for it. Thats simply smart asset management when you have been stockpiling draft picks and young players as long as this team has.

Thats how you build a winner and its about damn time this team started to win.

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