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Originally Posted by KelownaRocketsFan View Post
Hey guys!
I'm thinking about starting to play hockey and I was wondering how much I'd have to pay for the equipment. I have CCM Vector skates but I'd need everything else. Since I'm a starter, I don't want to spend $300 on a stick, $200 on gloves, $300 on a helmet and so on. But what is the minimum I have to pay for all together? Like I want something that is good enough but as cheap as possible. Second question: Where should I get it? In a store/online/second hand? And what could I get in a second hand store? Probably anything but a stick?
Help is much appreciated! Thank you!
You can get all used equipment at a relatively low price, except you have to be prepared to go bargain hunting.

If I were you I would shell out on a good pair of entry level hockey skates and a new helmet. The skates should run you up approximately $200 or more (you could go used but it's hit or miss on quality and wear/tear), while the helmet should be around $80.

A wooden stick will cost you as little as $13, but maybe you'll want to go up to the $30 range unless you're penny pinching. By and large a quality wooden stick is better than a cheap composite, so even a $50 wood stick would be very good. Pants, gloves, shoulder pads, shin guards, elbow pads, and a jock should average out to around $25 a piece assuming that you're going for the bare minimum.

In total (excluding skates, which you own) you're looking at ~$300 to get all of your gear.

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