Thread: Speculation: Blackhawks Restricted Free Agents
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07-11-2013, 03:14 PM
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I hope you Blackhawks fans can help me get this, but haven't Kruger improved quite a lot since how he played when he first came? I have to say, I have seen like 15-20 Blackhawks games this season including playoffs and especially inspecting Kruger on these since he left for you guys.

He has always had great defensive skills and its those I especially think he has evolved. My impression is that he gets a lot of defensive responsibility in those situations defensive skill is required, as in bp and trying to hold the lead at the end of games. And he has done it very well in my opinion, but I do agree he should get hard practice regarding faceoffs.

When he first game to Blackhawks I remember someone saying he reminded a bit of Dave Bolland, even thou he might not have the same offensive skills when it comes to finishing, but that the defensive skills were something to hold on to.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been watching him constantly for 4 years in Sweden and have always seen a potential in this kid develop into a NHL team's, top defensive center. I think he has done it well so far from what I've seen, but I would appreciate an opinion from someone who has followed him closer than I have. Maybe he hasn't taken that step I've hoped for. If someone could tell me his status I would appreciate it. Please?

Best regards from "The Stockholm". :-)


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