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10-27-2006, 11:34 PM
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Alexander Perezhogin Vs. Chris Higgins

I Know i was one of the first to comment on Perez being Shafted (lol that term is sticking), and get angry at the organization.

But i've been thinking. We all thought Higgins was getting shafted last year playing on the 3rd and 4th line, while others who didn't belong there got to play on the offensive lines and get all the ice time.

Then Higgins get's his chance with Saku and Bang

This season Higgins is now playing like an established veteran in his sophemore season! putting up more points then the guy who is supposed to be helping him along...

So i was thinking...maybe they'll do the same thing with Perezhogin... I mean they see that the kid has drive like higgins, diggs in the corners like higgins, hustles like higgins. Sure they don't play the same kind of Game... Perezhogin has more talent and will be a dangle kind of guy.

But IF...they could somehow make Perezhogin into a 2-way forward...well my friends... Perezhogin will def. become an even greater player for it.

Yeah i was angry yesterday...and still am peeved today...but whatever... Let Latendresse play on the 2nd's not like Perezhogin is wasting his time on the 3rd and 4th line... he'll become a more complete player thanks to that and more important to the Habs than Latendresse (who i Do love don't get me wrong this kids going to be awesome...but damnit put him back on the RW). Isn't it just like being hard on the kid u want most to succeed? making sure he has all the tools to be great/good? We know for sure that Perezhogin will be better than Samsonov because of this one day.

Maybe I'm onto something...
Maybe I'ts wishful thinking...
Maybe I dunno...

It doesn't matter I still love my Habbies!

So Go PePe Go
So Go Lats' Go
So Go Habs Go

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