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07-11-2013, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by HarrisonFord View Post
I think Boston is going to find themselves in a lot of cap problems next year. They are already going to have to make a couple moves this year to fit under, but think about this for 2014-2015.

1. They have 13.8M in cap space, and 14 players signed.

2. Notable UFAs:
-Patrice Bergeron (making $5.0MAAV now, likely going to be getting $6.5MAAV or more). There's an extra $1.5M
-Dennis Seidenberg (has one of the best contracts in the league with $3.25MAAV. Going to get, I would assume, somewhere in the ballpark of $5.0MAAV). There's an extra $1.75M

3. Notable RFAs:
-Torey Krug (Bruin fan favourite makes $1.7MAAV on an ELC. If he repeats his playoff performance, probably gets somewhere in the range of $3.0MAAV-$3.5MAAV) There's an extra $1.5ishMAAV.
-Matt Bartkowski (Depth guy, makes $650k. Probably gets re-signed for a slight raise depending on production next year. Lets say for $1MAAV) Theres just under $500k

4. They still need a backup goalie. With Khudobin now gone, they dont even have a serviceable backup for this year - let alone next year. Currently they have Chad Johnson for $600k. A decent backup should run them about $1.0MAAV-$1.5MAAV. Theres another $750k.

That looks to be about $7.0M in raises (and I'm being pretty generous in how little of raises I gave. That $7M includes the fact that there's no goalies present on capgeek for 2014-2015). That leaves them with $6M or so to sign 6 players. No easy task! Especially when one of those players needs to be a top 6 forward with Iginla leaving
And people have been saying this for years......

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