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Originally Posted by KyGuy9 View Post
Andre Burakovsky is staying in Sweden this season instead of Erie.
Not quite true, as that story was ran on Monday.
If I may re-post an earlier posting by myself..

Just a update on Andre Burakovsky, from the official writer of the Caps, and good friend, Mr Mike Vogel

"...There were some rumors flying around social media on Monday that Burakovsky had already decided he would not play in North America in 2013-14, and that he’d stay in Sweden for another season instead.

Speaking at an afternoon press conference between the two Monday practice sessions, Caps general manager George McPhee said that a decision as to Burakovsky’s 2013-14 playing destination had yet to be determined.

“We haven’t had those discussions with him yet,” says McPhee. “I just ran into him the other day and he said he’d like to talk to me about it at the end of this camp. So I’ll do that with him. He said he just wants to get acclimated here and get through this and then we’ll sit down and talk.”

Burakovsky echoed McPhee’s statement after finishing his afternoon practice session.

“I really hope that Washington can help me a lot to make a good choice where I should play next year,” says Burakovsky. “I’m drafted by Washington; they know a little bit over here and they can help me a lot. After the camp I should talk with my agent and Washington too, and then we’ll make a decision after the camp.”

From what I understand, he wasnt "disappointed" by Eries selection, but more "confused"??
He certainly dosnt come over as a "primadona" or "brattish" in any of his (many) interviews this week
(In fact his interviews have been superb, and the Caps have enjoyed taking every oppurtunity to show off this rather charming young man.)

In an interview today with Caps Director Of Scouting, Mr Ross Mahony ("in Ross We Trust") when asked where he would prefer Andre to play, he said very quickly, "junior"
"....the best enviroment for him, would be "junior" in North America.."

Regarding the weird (premature) tweet posted on Monday by his agent, Kevin Epp, the Washington Post asked him direct, to which he replied
“There are many factors to consider in this decision based on the Washington Capitals and on Andre...We will see what happens in the weeks ahead.”

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