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Originally Posted by Astaroth View Post
Well there is always a backstory to it, he didn't just twirl for fun, just like he doesn't do that celebration everytime he scored last year (over 60 if I remember correctly?).
who was the last nhl player you can remember that did something even close to that ? And more than 1 time on a regular basis ?

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See I never understood this mentality about the NHL where if you celebrate with enthusiam, it's automatically bad. As long it's genuine, it's all good. I mean did anybody take Teemu because of the hunting rifle? Jagr because of the salute? Did Kovy get killed because he pointed at Crosby?

how many times you see Teemu do his duck hunt gig ?

Jagr salute? did he skate pass the opponents bench or out to center ice then begin saluting the opponets bench?

Kovy pointed at Crosby?Thats is One on One .He didnt skate by the entire bench pointing all every player did he?

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And downtown Toronto is pretty rough these days when you're shopping on christmas eve.
you google Compton . i wouldnt suggest you go christmas shopping there .it might not even be safe for you to google it

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