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07-11-2013, 05:05 PM
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I know people are going to dump on Kovalchuk which they should but put this in perspective he isn't Alexei Yashin who may go down as the most hated russian ever.

I mean he refused to play for Ottawa due to contract reasons, quit on the team when he was there (and later said he did) got traded to NYI got a huge contract, (a contract that hurt the team financially at the time) played like garbage had to be bought out and then left for Russia.

Yashin pissed off two fan bases that still hate him today, Kovalchuk's problem is he didn't communicate.

You know the biggest problem with most negotiations/contracts/agreements (I should know i am in that business) is that people usually aren't honest in communicating future goals/plans/dreams/desires, ect.

Where things went wrong
- 3 years ago Kovalchuk and the devils had the choice of short term deals, anything in between or long term deals. What do they chose? 14 years. yikes .

First design the most suitable contract - Why have 29 teams fight for your service if you can easily say I wish for short term, max amount contract, rather than a long term, bifurcated contract (essentially getting little money some years, others larger payout)

- Communicate your desires in the first place (in 2010 Ilya had already played 9 years in the NHL how did 3 years things change dramatically; probably didn't - goes to show the cba and contracts being signed have to have clauses where if you only play certain amount of years you have to pay back money; (something beyond if its not a mutual agreement between the player and the club that the devils in this case can opt him not playing in the KHL; there is obviously loopholes, and mutually beneficial reasons for both player and team to say there fine with x player retiring - mostly because if they hold a player back it hurts there brand, alienates future russians, ect, ect)

In the long run, this is Ilya's fault for not making a decisions 3 years earlier when in fact he left an option to come back, he didn't hurt a franchise a chance at free agency this year, and also didn't cost a team 2 first rounders, and prospects, and future picks they lost in 2014.

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