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07-11-2013, 06:13 PM
Black Tank
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I don't give a **** about the Devils anymore than I do about any other Atlantic rival, but this is too funny to let go. Lamoriello is the clown driving the clown car that is the NJ organization. So while lauging my ass off I say **** the Devils and their fanbase, I have no sympathy for Lamoriellos's attempt to game the salary cap and those silly, silly fans going on and on about how awesome a person Kovalchuk is and how much he loves NJ because of its schools...

Some of these tweeners are now posting about how well the Devils will do next year and how this is actually a great thing for the franchise... If I were them I'd be real concerned about a management team that let Parise and Clarkson walk without even getting low draft picks in return, has lost a number of picks in the Kovalchuk clusterbumble****, and sat on their hands so long with the Brodeur situation that they had to trade a top 10 pick to plan for his eventual retirement. The result is a wiped out farm system and a crappy yet expensive roster. But for the moment, I'm just going to enjoy the

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