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Originally Posted by Redux91 View Post
I dont really think its as "grim" as that WS ..., i really dont.. even right after he was drafted mccarron spoke very highly of the OHL/knights and how he would like to fight and not get into any trouble like if he was in the NCAA..

theres NO WAY i believe mccarron DEMANDING a ELC so that he can go to london over believing the habs like him/trust in his potential enough to give him the contract that doesnt even kick in till he turns pro, to give him a confidence boost, that they believe in his abilities enough to welcome him into the organization officially

All Mccarron did was ASK the habs for advice, and all the habs did was each and every one of the staff probably said "honestly.. id go to london, because of so and so" , if anything timmins or somebody said NCAA isnt THAT bad, but you wouldnt be able to play in preseason games and whatnot, and then theres tinordi's opinion which he must of considered heavily

it wasnt really HARD to convince the kid, hey... london knights and the OHL is where its AT kid, you can finish your degree in whatever any time you want, but if your DREAM is the NHL and the best and most viable way TO that dream is going to the OHL with a great organization, its almost a no brainer, even say did anyone REALLy think he would go to NCAA? deep down, we all knew he was going to london, there was no "ultimatum"

Lost in translation??? "I told the Habs that if they wanted me to go to London, they had to give me a contract first."

«J’ai dit au Canadien que s’il voulait que j’accepte d’aller à London, il devait d’abord m’offrir un contrat», a confié le jeune homme de 18 ans asu cours d’un entretien téléphonique avec le Journal.

I understand what you are saying. Everything is true. We all think the same. Yet, seems that the ultimatum was indeed present. Frankly, I don't care. I mean, when there's a great prospect that you prefer to see him taking a certain route, you do end up giving him a little of what he wants. I'm just surprised, that's all.

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