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Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
No, it wouldn't be Lou admitting he knew Kovalchuk would do this - why would he say that? He would be saying it's clear to him now that Kovy never intended to fulfill the contract in the first place, so there was no "meeting of the minds" at the beginning and thus no contract, so NHL can't penalize them.

Not a great argument but I can't see any other way they can get their pick back.
There is absolutely no cap circumvention at any point. You can understand that from a logical point

first point -

If 3 years ago they knew Ilya wouldn't honour a full contract they would have at the very least did more to make sure they didn't get penalized for trying to structure a contract against league rules (clearly showing two parties intent to play a full contract). This isn't to say ilya was to honour the last 3-4 years in the contract but it does show the intent and understanding from both sides he would play a bulk of the contract

second point -

there was almost guaranteed to be ongoing talks with ilya to stay if lou had any part in saying yes lets have a mutual agreement we're going to let you retire, it is guaranteed it would have been discussed a couple weeks ago to prepare the team for the draft and free agency.

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