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07-11-2013, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Why would he retire in 2017 at age 33 (roughly)? I don't think there's anything to this other than he got the bug to play back home during the lockout and has absolutely zero loyalty to anyone but himself. The SKA guys dangled huge money in front of him... now he's leaving. No hidden reasons, no excuses. He's just a piece of crap who doesn't want to live up to a big agreement that he forced the Devils into (and forced a lot of other things as a result). He just doesn't care, period.

Miss home? Want to see more family? Want bigger money? LEAVE 3 YEARS AGO. Everyone would've understood then because his team was disintegrating.

That said, reading some of the Rangers board reactions is pretty funny.
Sorry, was reading the main board thread.

IDK why that is where the money went down, but apparently most everyone incl. the league thought, the contract was never meant to be played out. So whatever maybe he was supposed to retire in 2018 or 20. My point is that people are suddenly crying about him not living up to a contract now, that they always knew he wasn't living up to and neither was he supposed to.
Players are getting waived, bought out, traded to Edmonton, in short: treated like property and having the rules of signed contracts changed on them with each new CBA. Sure this is what they put up with to play in the NHL and it isn't against the rules, but spoiler alert, neither is Kovalchuk retiring against the rules and the Devils aren't putting up much of a fight to indicate that they'd rather he retired somewhere between 2015-2022.

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