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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Wait, wait. Stop for a second. What are you not understanding? The cap hit and cap space is irrelevant. THE RANGERS REFUSED TO TRADE KREIDER FOR RICK NASH. They refused to include him in the the deal. Yet they would deal him for Perron? That's it. No and's if's or but's.
How is cap hit and cap space irrelevant? It absolutely is relevant in a cap structured league where you can only spend a certain amount on the cap. I can't comprehend this analogy since the Nash trade is irrelevant to this topic.

Kreider's value then and Kreider's value now isn't the same. We've seen many franchises over the years make blunders in trade decisions. Remember when the Rangers under Glen Sather had the option of picking between Balej and Plekanec in a trade for Alexei Kovalev and they chose Balej? Yeah.....

I don't care what Paajarvi's ranking on HF was. It is a ranking on a prospect website. That is no indication of how the player will play in his career. I guess we should then assume that any top 10 prospect is going to be a superstar in the NHL based on your theory. All you do Kershaw is look at rankings, you look at statistics. You don't make your judgements on actual play. How often have you seen Paajarvi play? I want an honest answer, not a BS one to just so you can support your love affair with certain players. How often did you see with your own eyes, Paajarvi play before he hit the NHL? I think I know what the answer will be. It is ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous, to bring up Paajarvi's "NHL resume" when he has played in by far more GP...but I guess you're ignoring that part because it deters your argument. I've seen Kreider play on multiple occasions. I watched him in person in college, followed him at the WJC's, and through the pros thus far. The kid has raw talent that compliments this roster nicely. You just don't get it. Your judgements are all based of stat sheets; the "what have you done for me lately" mentality. He is developing, but you are impatient so we should trade him.
I'll have you know that I watch both players quite frequently. I watch 99% of Rangers games every season and I watch many Oilers games over the past 3 seasons as well. I've also watched many of their pre-NHL games too, I watched Kreider in Beanpot tournament, I watched both on WJCs and some parts of WCs.

And your big comparison is shot differential??? Are you that naive??? I guess so because if you weren't then you would understand that EDM's game is ALL OFFENSE. Their defense has been atrocious. Of course the shot differential favors Paajarvi. Look at the players on the EDM roster the last few seasons! Do you know what the word objectivity means Kershaw? Because I don;t think you do. Because an objective viewpoint would understand that Kreider had played for a defensive coach. His rookie season was after a lockout under a defensive coach. Put Kreider on that edmonton team. I would absolutely put money on it that he would have outshot and out scored Paajarvi this past season. EDM doesn't mind sitting through growing pains with younger players, they do it with 70% of their roster.

lol, the Oilers are a terrible team because they constantly rank amongst the worst NHL franchises in shot differential, year-in, year-out. The Rangers on the other hand are a top quality shot differential team, so I'm not sure how your concept of an all out offensive team will have better shot differential. The St. Louis Blues, a top defensive team in hockey GAA wise ranks amongst the top in shot differential rankings.

Read the article here and how it debunks the theory that Chris Kreider was mishandled. We've seen good players like Callahan, Anisimov, Stepan, Dubinsky, etc flourish in this system under John Tortorella, so I do believe he knows a thing or two about dealing with young forwards. Perhaps Kreider is not as good as you envision him to be.

Who is calling Gordie Clark a genius? I didn't. I will say that he has been at the center of turning around this organization's farm system even with the mid to low 1st round picks he has had to work with. He had helped find gems in the middle rounds. So yeah, I give him a helluva lot more credit than you Kershaw.
Okay that's fine. As a fan, I feel I am allowed to critique the scouts, just as you and many others critique the coaches.

And by the way, you completely contradict yourself with your last paragraph with Perron. So it's okay for you to use stat totals to label what Kreider is and what Paajarvi is but it is not ok to do the same with Perron? Why not? You can talk about all the things Perron brings to the table besides stats but none of us can do the same for Kreider? I can't call Perron a 40-50 player even though, based on what the STATS show, that is exactly what he has been.
How exactly am I contradicting myself?

MPS and Perron are better puck possession players than Kreider is, they're better defensive players and better overall when they're not scoring. Kreider on the other hand has a team worst (sans Powe) shot differential rating on this team, this is the epitome of being a liability when not scoring. You on the other hand, are categorizing Perron strictly on points.

Kershaw, you are really digging yourself a hole here. You know what your problem is Kershaw, you fell into that trap that other did, you set high expectations for Kreider. If Kreider didn't go out and light up the scoresheet, which is exactly what happened because his game is still raw, he was going to be considered a mediocre prospect in your mind and you'd ship him out as soon as you can. I thank God everyday that someone with a Justin Bieber avatar is not running the New York Rangers organization.
As opposed to the man who said this?

"If I had the Rangers payroll, I'd never lose a game"
That followed by 1 appearance past the 2nd round in 13 years with one of the highest budget teams in the league?

Fair enough.

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