Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: [WAS] Capitals re-sign Karl Alzner (4 years, $2.8M per)
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07-11-2013, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
i am glad that non caps fans think this is such a steal. karl alzner is a one dimensional player of pure basic defense. while he can skate and has puck skills, he is forthright in his desire to steer clear of doing that. he doesn't hit. he chooses not to pass the puck beyond the safe play.

by any definition he is not a playmaker of any kind. he doesn't play offense in anyway. he only plays safe and basic defense. he is as textbook as there is at defending the puck, but that is what he brings.

plain facts are that salary level has a lot to do with playmaking. the offensive players make the most and the hitters make the next most. the solid two way player makes more. if chara were a defensive only player, he might be as good as rod langway was but he would likely make 50% of what he does now.

the caps are lucky to have alzner. he was worth the top 5 pick. but he will never be a player making big defenseman money
Alzner had to mentor Carlson and coverup. 2013 short season is the first time he's actually played some games with someone older than him that he could learn from. Unless you count the 2 months with Jurcina.

This is a quote from someone who actually watches the caps and not spends his time at the track.

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Alzner spent the year playing alongside the league leader in turnovers, in front of decidedly average goaltending. He switched seamlessly from zone defense to man during the coaching change in the middle of the year. He faced the 7th highest quality of competition, the 9th highest relative corsi quality of competition, and had the 12th lowest offensive zone start percentage amongst NHL defensemen, and still had a GA ON/60 of just 2.02. For reference, the only other player with a higher quality of competition and a lower GA ON/60 was Ryan McDonagh. Then in the playoffs, he was the main biggest factor in shutting down the top line and powerplay of the Bruins (the 3rd highest scoring team in the regular season) and likewise holding the Rangers (11th highest scoring) to 15 goals in 7 games.

And right now he's losing to Dennis Seidenberg, who's spent his entire career as a second pairing defenseman, where he faced average competition with average zone starts and got average results, and then got moved up to play alongside the best defensive defenseman in the league during the playoffs. But hey, he hits more than Alzner, so he must be better!

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