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07-11-2013, 06:37 PM
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Risk for both teams:

For St. Louis

Gets a player that could not crack the Oilers for a whole season.
A player that has never really shown a penchant for great goal scoring.
Is not proven, known to be rather soft, 6-3 but in reality plays small.
Perhaps what we see is what we get, a perpetual 3rd line winger that continues to skate down the wing in a blaze of speed and shoots it into the crest.


Creates cap space
Get a player that has shown flashes of putting it together, if he does could be a 2nd line winger.
Starts using the speed and size and becomes that power forward.
22 still time to grow into role.

Risk to Edmonton

Perron has had one concussion but it was a doozy.
Perron is known to be individualistic
Not big.
Had a down year last year.


Is 25, has not yet hit prime. I really did not see a lot of talk about Perron's upside.
Has scored 20 goals twice before the age of 25
Was playing for a defensive team, will be playing with better players
Not big but known for his grittiness, work along boards.


This is the kind of trade that a team turning the corner makes, you take a player with potential for a player with the better fit.

Perron is the better player now and yes has the potential to get better. There is always risk in any trade. No GM was going to give you Perron for Hemsky or Omark.

As for the 2nd round draft pick, it has a 30% chance of being a player that plays 100 games.

This is the kind of trade I bemoaned Tambellini for never making, you sometimes have to trade potential (or a player another team actually wants) for a player that makes your team better NOW!

Yes Paarjarvi could be the better player 4 years from now. So could Perron. Paarjarvi could also turn into a 3rd line checker in the Blues system and Perron could turn into a 35 goal scorer playing in a more offensive system. There is risk both ways.

But the upside from Edmonton's standpoint is you get a player that has scored 20 goals twice, has upside, goes to the net (watch his goals on video, you will see what I mean) and is gritty and IS a 2nd line winger NOW.

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