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Originally Posted by Philadelphia Ducks View Post
But if they both void the contract, it is no longer existing, so how can they enforce the 35+ rule, unless they'd void EVERY part of that contract except for the 35+ part? Why didn't Luongo and Vancouver both just void his contract last season, when Luo said he would get rid of his contract if he could, I just think this is going to be a slippery slope if they start allowing this to happen.
In the same way that the recapture penalty still applies to the Devils for the next 12 years, the 35+ rule would still apply. The contract is voided simply meaning Kovalchuk shouldn't expect payment nor is he a member of the Devil's reserve roster, but in terms of CBA stipulations (ie, cap recapture or 35+ rule), certain cap penalties still remain.

Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
The HF moralists on the main boards with their cries of "he can play wherever he wants" are annoying as hell. Of course Kovy can play wherever he wants, it's his life and his decision. But, devils fans have every right to be pissed off as well. Not only have most of them made an emotional commitment to team around Kovy, but a lot of them have made financial commitments to a team centered around Kovy through tickets, merchandise, etc. I would have a hard time not feeling the same way if faced with similar circumstances. That also doesn't take into account the large amount of financial and asset sacrifices that NJ made to keep Kovy there, all of which have now made the devils a worse team. To walk away with nothing to show for it is crazy to think about.
I guess I am one of those moralists, then. The fans have every right to be pissed, but angry fans tend to get pretty irrational in their arguments. For example, Devils fan just complained that Kovalchuk "signed a 15 year contractual obligation to New Jersey". I mean, seriously. Did ANY Devils fan expect him to play out the entirety of the contract? Obviously not.

Let's also remember a contract is a two-way street. If Kovalchuk didn't feel like the Devils lived up to their end of the bargain or what Lou promised him way back when he signed, he has every right to pack up and go home to play in front of family and friends for more money than he could get here.

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