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Originally Posted by Blunderbore View Post
what would you say about Nathan Horton? he just signed for a team that's pretty far from contending to lead a quiet life.
what about Andrew Ference who could sign a less lucrative deal to stay with the team that is a strong contender right now and will remain one, but chose to join his hometown team that may or may not become a contender in foreseeable future?
what about David Clarkson who signed an outlandish deal with a team that doesn't exactly look like a force, while he most probably knows that he'll not be able to live up to the deal and will be chased out of town by the press in 3-4 years, but he'll have cashed in dearly already at that point?
wait, those players aren't European or Russian, so they are comfortable enough in North America and they don't have to defect from the NHL to find comfort.
there are examples of this in spades all over the world. now it's the time when things point that such scenario is going to be more possible for Russian players. that's why i'd like the team i cheer for to explore its options so that it doesn't end up strangleheld if a certain Nail Yakupov is lured to play in his hometown for silly money in couple years. IF.
No one's saying you shouldn't explore your options, hell you should do it with all your players all the time. But your reasoning is just illogical and based of assumptions.

Of course players leave good teams for more money elsewhere, couldn't they want to push themselves to contribute more than they could on their last team? Just because they sign with a team who's lost in recent history doesn't mean they've given up on winning.

I just think it's ridiculous to start worrying about Yakupov today if they weren't worried yesterday. He's his own person and all the risks associated with his nationality have been considered by him and the Oilers. If he decides to leave and play in the KHL down the road, thats fine. Kovalchuck gave 12 years of his life to the NHL and wants a change.
Kenny Jonsson was a fantastic dman, NHL All Star, who bailed to Sweden to play for his home town in his early 30's. Doesn't mean the Oilers should be hitting the panic button for Klefbom.

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