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07-11-2013, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
But if you look at their frames, Collberg has much more compact frame and good lower body strength. Looking at Lehkonen, imo he has more of a Leblanc frame (at 18 not todays LL) that looks very skinny without the lower body strength. For me I'm very big on lower body strength especially for players lacking height and or mass and or overall strength. Also while I am certainly no expert on the SEL, I thought Collberg had a successful transition to the mens league when all was said and done.
Yes I didn't mean to undervalue Collberg even I admit it sounded that way with the bad wording I came up with. I think that if you put 1.5 years of building lower body strength an 18 year old can look quite different after it.

I also think that Lehkonen having more success in more physical league is proof of him being ahead of Collberg in development. Not necessarily in body mass / lower body strenght but as a player.

I also think Lehkonen could have an inch on Collberg when all is said and done. And Collberg being only 18 lbs heavier 1.5 years older, I could see Lehkonen putting that much over that time period if he hits the gym in the off seasons.

EDIT: Collberg being 16th in the team scoring and Lehkonen 2nd will also help Lehkonen's case. Though I admit that getting the top 6 spot has been easier for younger players in FEL since the emergence of Pulkkinen/Granlund/Armia/Barkov.

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