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07-11-2013, 08:00 PM
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OK, I did the #s for Save % for the top 18 goalies in 4 seasons, 1, 3, 5 and 7 years back - Year 1 being this season), I only counted goalies with at least half of the games played. You can see how this hurts goalies like Kiprusoff and Brodeur in relation to GAA. Otherwise #s are very much alike.

Space not permitting to break down the numbers individually - but the point is that there is less fluctuation than you might expect, and that the fluctuation is the same if not more stable than for skaters - keeping in mind that the age trajectories are different (e.g. Hasek's last years in 7; Fasth's first year in 1):
  • the top 18 covered 45 different goalies (out of 72 "slots") when adding up years 1,3,5 and 7;
  • 23 goalies appeared only one season in the top 18 (Year 1: Bobrovsky, Howard, Fasth,Bishop, Holtby, Dubnyk 3: Varlamov, Bryzgalov, Price, 5: Khabibulin, Clemmensen, Mike Smith, S.Mason, Halak, Biron, 7: DiPietro, Giguere, Huet, Nabokov, Hasek, Fernandez, Kolzig, Turco)
  • 14 goalies appeared twice in "consecutive" seasons (i.e. 1&3; 3&5; 5&7) (1&3: Rask, Schneider, Crawford, Reimer, Niemi, Fleury 3&5: Thomas, Quick, Rinne, Ward, 5&7: Brodeur, C.Mason, Roloson)
  • 2 goalies appeared twice but seven years apart (Ray Emery, Kari Lehtonen)
  • 3 goalies appeared three times in the top 18 Save% (1,3,5: Jonas Hiller, 3,5,7: Roberto Luongo, Niklas Backstrom)
  • 3 goalies appeared every time (Henrik Lundqvist, Tomas Vokoun, Ryan Miller)
Cool thx for the work and info, any charts to show how much duocherism Kovi has lol

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