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Originally Posted by oli500 View Post
I think the diference between higgins and perez is that higgins started to score goals on the 3rd and 4th line last year before he was moved up. Even in playing limited icetime we saw higgins with some offensive signs that perezhogin dident show. This being said I really liked what I saw from perez in the playoffs. I thought the perez and plekanec duo was the best one when koivu went down and I still think its big mistake braking up those two. They seem to have great chemestry togheter. Begin and bonk also had great chemestry togheter at the end of the year. So I would go with something like.


We have to look at the duos that work last year and try to make something out of it. and add them an element that could make the line work. Plekanec and perezhogin look great, why not give a guy like latendresse who can go the net and give them some space. I allways thought that when you put 3 young guys on the same line you see more intensity from it because those 3 young kids all want to make an impresion. Its the same when you have 3 more experience guys on a line. You get more out of them. By trying to mix and match vets and younger players were not doing the young guy a favor because the kid will let the vet do all the work as he dosent want to be the one that caused a turnover or a goal and he never wants to make the vet look bad. Let perez-plekanec and latendresse play togheter, see who is superior and promote that one when you have a chance
Don't forget that Johnson can play center.
Bonk is a bit quicker this year and it has made a difference.
If Bonk is dropped to the 4th, that line NEEDS a shooter.
Bonk has created some scoreing chances this year, give him a shooter. It just might get you a few extra goals.

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