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Originally Posted by StevensCakeBakerBacker View Post
The Devils agreed to pay him the contract amount, and to pay that money out on agreed upon terms; they owe him nothing else. Seriously, what else do you think he is owed on top of a guaranteed $100,000,000 contract?

If NHL contracts weren't guaranteed than I wouldn't have a problem with Kovy doing what he just did. A player signing a deal like Kovy assumes zero risk, the team takes it all.
Again, it's more than just money. When a player signs a contract, he's not only signing away his hockey talent to the team. He's also agreeing to maintain a certain professional standard and live up to the team's expectation of him as a professional.

Similarly, there are expectations for the organization to live up to that go beyond the money owed to the player, also. Maybe they just aren't happy with the show Lou is running.

Again, I'm just speculating. I'm not even saying I believe it. It's just odd that two of the premier talents in the league chose to leave.

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