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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Kershaw, I agree with you about many things, but not this.

Could Kreider have played better? Yes.
But that is not the correct measuring stick. We need to look at WHY.

Torts got into this kid's head.
Torts the son of a ***** ego friggin maniac who had to be so friggin authoritarian, whether it was called for or not, that he was gonna play God and make everyone else bend, buckle and break before him, and do things his way, THAT Torts got to Kreider.

I'm not sure, I don't think he actually scared him.
But he made it clear that he Torts held his immediate future in the coach's hands.
Even with trying to comply, and going for path of least resistance to such trouble, disaster could not be avoided.

As a result Kreider thought too much about doing something, and was afraid to make mistakes.

Of course, someone forced into such constraints is not gonna excel.

What a waste of an exceptional talent's 2yr ELC, which is unfortunate given we burned his entire first one in the prior year's playoffs.

My anger for Torts is exceeded only by my hatred for Cat Francis unnecessarily trading Park AND Ratelle on what appear to be similarly driven ego-centric grounds, ruining that team.

So it is not fair to grade CK accurately without allowing for some decontamination of this poisoned pool.


In the interests of unity of my Ranger brothers,
I hereby personally offer to take the yoke of Kreider's success for next year -- BARRING INJURY -- on my shoulders. Personally.

We have legit angles to consider about the team.
Quibbling constantly over Kreider is not productive.

I was first and foremost as to CK.
I accurately tagged him a Dave Keon, with outside chance of Pavel Bure if he develops a shot.

These projections have been screwed with by Torts as illustrated, who thankfully now is buh bye.

Again, injury is an X factor none of us controls and should suffer for; that said, barring injury, with Torts gone, and a good replacement, I go on record that KREIDER WILL SUCCEED.

Obviously, that is a relative term.
If he is playing with certain players he will do better than with others.

But and however, by any reasonable, relative measure of the yardstick, I predict he will succeed.

Brothers (and to extent applicable, sisters), let us conserve our energy and apply it to useful trade scenarios that help us with the issues at hand.

I will go out on a limb about Kreider for this season.

If he busts, then you can all do all the : p: and worse you want.

Remember though, when he looks so good by end of this season, I get to

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
It has nothing to do with whether or not Kreider will become a Backes or a Sharp, it's simply to illustrate that not all NHLers who come through the NCAA were mega-producers. I'm not projecting Kreider to be an "anyone"-type. Every player on Chicago's roster has been fortunate that Kane was there. To imply that Sharp isn't a stellar player in his own right because of Kane is just downright ridiculous.

I've never once bought into the idea that Kreider has tunnel vision. Is he an elite play maker? No, but he has solid vision for the wing position. Booth is not a "flawed" player. He's simply a kid who had his career set back by concussions thanks to an incredibly dirty hit. That wasn't a result of tunnel vision. It was a result of a blatant headshot on an unsuspecting player.
for the Rangers sake, I hope he becomes the great player you guys are pegging as, however consider me as very skeptical on his upside and style of play. Just not a fan. Hope I'm wrong.

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