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Trade and Proposals Thread XXXVII: Is MacT mostly done?

Last thread hit 1000.

Some posts

Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
In response to the concerns about Yak someday, maybe following in Kovalchuks footsteps and heading back to the KHL... I honestly wouldn't be worried about it.

I have nothing to go on but my gut feel and what I see when I watch Yakupov (on and off the ice)... he lives and breathes hockey and wants to be the very best he can be. He idolizes super skilled players like Bure who played on the biggest stage with the best players in the world... the NHL.

That's still the case as well, the NHL is the place to be if you want to play with the best and excel at the highest levels and push yourself to be the best you can become. Not all players have that drive and attitude but luckily for us and the Oilers I think Yakupov has that extreme burning desire to excel and become the best he can... and that goes far beyond playing just for money and/or fame.

That's not to say that someday just maybe he might head back overseas but I don't get the impression he's just in the NHL for the biggest paycheck... he wants to become a dominant world class player in the world and push his abilities to the limit and I think the NHL is still the only place you can truly do that.

My understanding also is that Yakupov comes from a fairly well to do family and imo it's probably less likely that Yakupov could/would be lured to the KHL by a huge money contract.

Anything is of course possible... so I'd never say never, but risks exist with any players... career ending injuries/sickness could happen to any player (as we've seen before), a player could demand a trade away from the team for any number of reasons (as we've seen before) or a player could just go into a terrible career ending regression and slump of epic proportions (has happened to some players in their primes)... so being able to say there is no risk with ANY certain player is a fantasy.

I actually have a strong belief that Yakupov will be with the Oilers for a long time to come and will become one of the very best players in the NHL. I'm no more worried about him departing than any of the other top players on the Oilers.
Originally Posted by devils4cup View Post
The guy you want from the Devils on defense would be Urbom.
Originally Posted by RXAGENT View Post
Worrying about Yakupov right now is absolute unnecessary panic by oiler fans just because one Russian superstar quit the NHL. I don't feel it's right to generalize all Russian NHLers as having the same thought processes, values and mentalities.
Originally Posted by MetaOil1993 View Post
Can you give a scouting report on him? Is he ready for the NHL?
Originally Posted by OilerFan4Life View Post
Over/Under on the number of Yakupov trade proposals on HF Oilers over the next week because "oh my god he's gonna leave us": 35.

First one probably comes tomorrow.

People just need to relax. Kovalchuk has always been a little not too shocked.
Originally Posted by nye View Post
I don't think this is a major concern. AIUI, the Devils had to cooperate to release Kovy to Russia. Something about them voiding instead of tolling his contract.

The difference is the Devils wanted out from any obligation to Kovy because of the dollars involved and the situation of their ownership. Not many other Russians will be in the same position. Most teams would keep the rights to players attempting such a defection, and then the IIHF would get involved.
Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
A Fistric-Urbom pairing would be deadly.
Originally Posted by YakuBOT View Post
lol this. The overreaction is hilarious.
Originally Posted by Blunderbore View Post
i'm pretty sure that an NHL player can go wherever he wants outside the league when he becomes an RFA. Yak is one in two years.
Originally Posted by devils4cup View Post
In a nutshell: He is a bigger younger possebly meaner version of Smid who can move the puck effectively. Skates well for his size.

Still raw because he's only 22. Listed as 6'5 / 215 lbs

He is ready for the NHL imo

Klefbom/Urbom pairing would be all sorts of swedish awesomeness
Originally Posted by nye View Post
That's different, of course. An RFA is not under contract.

My reply was to your fear of 'another player to follow the steps every day from now on.'

That fear is real for you, no doubt, but it is not something that should be a concern.
Originally Posted by Delicious Pancakes View Post
Just because one KHL team can afford to pay Kovalchuk and he decides to go back home at the age of 30 doesn't mean that there's going to be an exodus of top Russian players to the KHL. What's preventing guys from signing there when they're UFAs? If they wanted to be there they would.

So why don't they go back to Russia? The NHL for the most part has better facilities, better training and medical personnel, better travel, more consistency/professionalism, less corruption, and better competition. For many this is a preferred lifestyle. I doubt very many players are going to be swayed by Kovalchuk going over just because he's a top player. They'll make their decisions on an individual basis for what's best for them.
Originally Posted by David71 View Post
with kovy gone from nj. maybe nows the time to trade hemsky? but what would the oilers want in return? defense?

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