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10-28-2006, 10:42 AM
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Unreal And Real Predictions


For tonight, I'm hoping that Sammy gets 4 goals, and gets put back on the 2nd line but with Koivu centering. That would give him back his convidence, and put some team spirit back. Habs go on to win 6-0 with goals by Higgins and Begin. TO loses 4 in a row, Tucker is beat up on numourous times, and, the TO fans at the bell center throw their jerseys away after the first period and buy authentic habs jerseys, and the 21000 fans are screaming GO HABS GO, NA NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY EH EH GOOD BYE as the final buzzer sounds@@ In other NHL action, buffalo falls 9-2 against the Thrashers! Again, I think they're a great team.... but they need to be spanked with reality. They will go far, but I need to see them lose and badly.... They don't have an unbreakable deffence.


Ok 3 in a row that Toronto has lost... Bad ones also... 7-2, 6-2 and a close 5-4 game against the rangers. This game will be close.... and I think both teams will come out strong. Toronto is always reved in this building. But still it's a 4-2 win for habs. KOVY, SAMMY, HIGGINS, SURRAY (empty net) Tuckey gets two for TO.

Oh and in other nhl action BUF probably takes it 4-1 or something. You'll all probably disagree with me but I think HUET should have been the starter tonight. He had a somewhat solid game in Boston. I think hes slowly finding his confidence and form... what do you think.


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