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07-11-2013, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post
Have to disagree. Especially if it means Emelin's effectiveness being reduced. Emelin needs to play LD more than Tinordi
Based on what?

It's actually should be the other way around, to play your offwing/offside, you are on your backhand a lot more, and Emelin is a lot better than Tinordi when it comes to puck handling skills, add to that the fact that Emelin has played a ton of RD in his days in Russia.

Ppl think Emelin hit less this year because of playing RD, it's not true, while he played LD early in his rookie year, he played mainly RD, being paired with Kaberle, the reason he has less hits last year compared to his first year is because he is playing better positional, doesn't go for the hits that take him out of position like he did in his first year.

As for Tinordi, I think he is a lock to make the team, last year after training camp, Therrien said he was one of the toughest guys to cut, in terms of being close to NHL ready. After his play at the end of the year, unless something wrong happens he should make the club.

I was surprised the Habs played him on RD even though he has never played that before, not in juniors, or AHL, he did better than expected.

I'm not sure where he fits in the lineup, but when he is ready for top minutes, I think him and Subban are going to be an ideal top pairing. Not sure if you guys remember but I think Subban was more dominate in the later part of the 2011 season and in the playoffs, when he was paired with Hal Gill, playing 28-30 mins a game of just pure shut down hockey, remember they shutdown the Lucic DK Horton line to 6 points in all 7 games. Also gives Subban a little protection, I remember anyone that would try to touch Subban, Gill would just come and give them a big hug, and it worked.

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