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Originally Posted by 240SX93 View Post
What is everyone's view on size, I see a lot of, small, not big, etc.

Perron is 6' 200lbs. Crosby is 5'11" 200lbs and not a single person says anything about his size. I just find it funny how everyone is so hung up on 6'4" 230lbs scoring power forward when realistically there might be 5-10 in the league that are worth while.
This - this is so golden and so appropriate. News flash people - 6' and 200lb's is NOT a small man. I'm sick and tired of reading the 'we just got smaller' crap.

Bottom line is Magnus played like 5' 8" 160lb winger. He rarely went into the corners and when he did he lost a heck of a lot more battles then he won and I didn't see any player from the opposing team get beat up in that corner by him.

Perron got right in Quick's grill in that playoff series, and most of you would get the living crap kicked out of you by a 6' 200lb athlete I guarantee you that.

News flash folks as 240SX93 says (I had a '91 btw - blue - superhicas steering - fav car of all time) there's only a hand ful of big men that have the size AND talent to play anyway. How many Lucic's are there? And guess what - THEY AIN'T FOR SALE at ANY PRICE save trading away your top FOUR player and your next 5 First rounders.

MacT is doing all he can do but you don't trade for Lucic, you DRAFT him. Get it?

I think it's a great trade. MPS doesn't fit here at all. He's not in the same caliber as Hall/Hopkins/Yak/Eberle and he doesn't play big. You need to 'big' guys (as in guys who play big) with talent to join those four and Perron is one of them. MPS also can't play bottom six cause he's way too soft. Personally he's a great kid and I wish him all the best - but bottom line is he didn't fit here. Great trade MacT - now it's Hemsky's turn

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