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10-28-2006, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
What's so wrong about that? I don't know many people who enjoy beying cold.

You guys always look at the stupidest things to bash this guy..."Omg he hates snow, he must be an instigator in the dressing room, I'm glad Bob traded him"....

If i had millions of dollars i would like shopping too

The only reason i like snow is cause when there is snow i can make a rink.(if i had millions i would build my own permanent rink).

Am i glad we traded Ribs? Yes

IS he a good hockey player? Yes

Did we need him? No

end of story.

Good luck in dallas, Otter is one of my favorite players. wish we got him fo ribs.

p.s. Ribs served a purpose here for a few years, he just never turned out to be the player we needed. He seems to be doing alright in dallas, wish we got more in the deal. Ninnimma is alright but Ribs is better and younger. We lost the trade In my view. It took me a while to know, i had to see yanni play with our jersey for a while. He seems to always rush towards an open puck to only bobble it and get stripped by his persuer. So far i think he will never be better than Dandy or Bouillon or streit. He is our worst guy. But he is not bad in his roll(8th guy)

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