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Originally Posted by BradtheAg06 View Post
Like when Batman comes calling at the first sight of the Bat signal, I see that my knowledge of Blake's game has been called upon, so I'll share my thoughts...

Blake has always been more of an attack minded player with a nose for the goal and a knack for being in the right place at the right time, but still has the ability to get back and defend. As you've gotten to see in his time on the field, he has great speed and a wicked left foot...especially on set pieces and crosses. He has played a little bit of LB in his high school/academy days, and has even practiced some at the postion with IMFC. I'm sure he would be willing to play any position on the field if it helped the team and allowed him to see more playing time. I think if you asked him, he's much more confident playing in a midfield or striker role, but that's just due to the fact that he's spent 95% of his career playing in that role. I'm obviously biased and would love to see him on the field more, but we all understand that rookies have to put in their time and earn every second of game time they are given. Thank you all for your continued support of Blake. He seems to be loving Montreal and the fans he meets.
Just to make sure, from the little that I have seen so far, he doesn't seem to have the best right foot. Would you say that hes strictly a left footed player? Prefers the left over the right? or is he equally good with both

Not sure if it was on the previous thread or if I saw it on Twitter, but it was a sick video of an Argentinian chant the "Ole Ole Ole Ola" one. Was wondering if I could get re-linked if it was on the previous thread.

Last but not least, any of you guys got Twitter? If so lmk your handle ill drop you a follow

EDIT: BTW here was the pic I was talking about earlier of Maxi Rodriguez on crutches [Last week]

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