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10-28-2006, 12:19 PM
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At this point I just want to see him gone. I haven't been keeping up on how kostitsyn is doing in the AHL but he's a NHL guy. He needs to play with skilled players and get ice time at the NHL level. He was ready at the beginning of the season, showed it in training camp, he has the skills, the shape, he's got it all. Even last season he showed great things.

He's a better fit than samsonov only for the two reasons that he's got the hunger to show he's a NHL player, and that he's bigger and more solid than Samsonov. I really believe he'd be a perfect fit with Kovalev. I thought every time I saw Kostitsyn he really tried to make plays happen, he wasn't selfish with the puck and really had a lot of creativeness (sp?) in him on the ice. Always liked the little I saw of him at the NHL level. Again I don't know how he's doing at the AHL level but the few times I saw him last season, and by looking at his actual production he doesn't seem as good there than when he's with the big boys. Why ? Dunno, maybe it's just me that's seeing things..or maybe he's disinterested down there (which wouldn't be a good thing)... or maybe he needs to be surrounded by talented people to really shine, or more russian presence around him.. dunno.

But anyway, I feel Kostitsyn would be a much better fit than Samsonov at this point. Maybe I'm throwing the towel too quickly, entirely possible. But I feel we don't really need that kind of attitude and that kind of mess in Mtl. It snowballs so fast here that we need everyone on the same page.

Samsonov's a really talented guy, I'm sure it would be possible to unload him to a team willing to take a chance.

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