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07-12-2013, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Puritania View Post

Brown is a moustache with fists, the guy is a tough son of a *****. Crap on his offensive and defensive abilities, but fisticuffs are what he excels at.

As for Eager, he had a rough go ever since Tulupov concussed him, but from all accounts he has been a soldier for OKC and I'm definitely willing to give him another shot. If he got his mojo back, I could see him dropping the gloves more often. He's a pest, and a chippy guy who can take care of himself when things get rough.
Oh I don't doubt any of that but they won't ever inflict beat downs. Steve mcintyre inflicted beat downs. All this stuff you just said is nice and all but has absolutely nothing to do with inflicting beat downs which is what I was saying

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