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07-12-2013, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Puritania View Post
Don't know why you are coming at me with attitude, I thought we were having a pretty good conversation. I'd rather have a line full of super heavyweights, but MacT has made it clear he wants all four lines to be able to play, so that isn't in the cards, I'm settling for the next best thing. I don't know, I guess Brown, Eags, and Boyle are all shrinking violets? Are you getting hung up with the semantics? I could have easily said fisticuffs, shenanigans, or scraps, but I went with beatdowns.

Why the hell not? I didn't quantify my statements with a base level of toughness. A beatdown is a beatdown, whether it be on MacIntyre or a Sedin. You seem to think I'm expecting these guys to annihilate the top dogs in the NHL. I just want to see some mayhem.

Whatever, I don't want to continue this discussion with the amount of condescension and snark coming my way. Good day to you.
I wasn't having attitude, snark or being condescending. Just really don't care if they can beat down players like Sedin. Yes it's a beat down though. But yah I agree this conversation should end. It's way way off topic anyways.

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