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07-12-2013, 03:33 AM
...better... or not
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I'll get flamed for this but I think Petry is the Oilers best dman... and Smid is overrated.

I don't mean Smid is BAD before people want to banish me to the Leafs board ... I just think he's considered by most as EASILY the best Oilers dman... and yes defensively he's good but I agree... too one-dimensional and not enough ability to move the puck or play the puck up and break out for the forwards.

If Smid was the only player that was like that it would be one thing... but the Oilers dmen as a group are mediocre.

Petry is the best all around dman right now. JSchultz is obviously solid offensively but a horror show in his own end (even though he looked good early on)... no doubt he'll improve in time.

NSchultz and Potter are a mixed bag. Both have limitations in their skillsets that add to the mediocrity of the whole d-core.

Ference should help coming in... but since July is my month to state things completely unbiased and honestly without being a homer (I'll no doubt revert to a Homer again when the season starts ... I personally think that Ference is overrated as well. A beneficiary of being on a very solid Boston team. Again... not to say he's a bad dman... just that I don't think he makes this group THAT much better.

I'm hoping one of Belov/Larsen/Klefbom can surprise us and push the dmen above them for a top 4 spot.

I see the current group of Oilers dmen as a bunch of 5's and 6's on a scale of 1-10. They are mediocre as a group and badly need an injection of bonafide top 2 talent.

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