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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
I think he's been an Oiler for about a year now, didn't he sign up last July?

Anyway, imo it all depends on how you consider this question. If you ask me which one is of most value to this team I will give you one answer, but if you ask which one will give me the biggest return in a trade the answer may be different.

For example, I bet that MacKinnon is one of the most valuable players in Colorado in terms of return but I would call him the most valuable for the team as of yet seeing as he hasn't done anything yet.
I'll just respond to your post because I already raised what Hoogaar raised.

People have an odd view in terms of what represents potential. Of what represents possible return.
The natural way to look at this is in terms of stock value. Which company holds higher value? The close to blue chip stock from a firm with proven track record, with attractive quarterly statements, returns, that are actually established and selling a reputable product and that is traded in all the big stock floors. Or the upstart prospective stock based on a potential play, a potential return, and not yet traded, not earning, and not going to be even traded on the markets for a considerable time.

Which stock do you buy now? Which stock do you hold. Which stock do you think has the greater probability of return now, and in the future.

People really underestimate how much better the established play is. Some more Warren Buffet reading would be in order. He values good established stocks, always has, and has always been a great investor.

Man this board is in love with prospects. Theres a whole lot of bre-X trading going on.

What this plays on is that the fantasy thought of what a player could be, i.e. a prospect, is sexier than what is actually in hand. Even if the player in hand holds considerable value. Even if the player in hand went 28 games scoring 28pts. Or had an 8pt NHL game. Its odd that that player holds no value, holds no prospect of increased value, by many posters in this thread, even though his value is established and clearly rising.

The whole poll suggests hive thought and everybody rushing to buy the same stock.

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