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07-12-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by icing View Post

There's your problem. You somehow have missed how the sport culture work in Europe and specifically in Sweden compared to North America. Which blows my mind a bit since you are Swedish. Your AHL/NHL comparison does not translate to us, at all. except for a very few.

We are team orientated in our support of a sport. The big difference between us and North America for example is that they first and foremost are supporters of the sport, we are supporters of a team - that plays a sport. There you have one reason why the stands dont fill up during WC:s for example. No home team, not buying tickets - maybe watch TV, maybe.
So now when Ilya Kovalchuk in his prime leaves for the KHL, how many players of his caliber can you stand coming without bailing on your promise to diss that league? How many of the youngest fans will choose to cheer for a Tier-3 league in Sweden when the KHL has taken a supreme grasp of the european scene? For me, not long, and i'd like a swedish team to get in on it. For now i'll just cheer for Jokerit. My impression of Zagreb is that many of their fans are actually really looking forward to the international rivalries with Bratislava and Praha. And who can blame them? Not me that's for sure.

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