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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
I don't know why everyone assumes the coach is a complete idiot. Yes, he brought Galchy along slowly last year, but that's what you do with rookies. He got more ice time as the season went on and was far more productive. Next year he'll get even more ice time. Therrien will want to keep his job. He only has a contract through next season. Therefore he'll play the players who will best help the team win. Simple.

Even strength points, regular season + playoffs:

1. Galchenyuk 28
2. Pacioretty 27
3. Eller 25
4. Gallagher 25
5. Desharnais 22
6. Plekanec 19

Galchenyuk is already our top points producer at even strength. He beat everyone, with limited time.

I don't think it's a question of "if" he'll get more ice time, he will. This much is obvious. Galchenyuk and Eller were by far our best forwards by the end of the season (add Gallagher to the list) and his ice time went up dramatically towards the end of the season and in the playoffs.

Galch got 1:03 average PP time during the regular season, 1:53 a game in the playoffs. So already Therien is giving him more PP time. It's not too much of a step up from 1:53 a game to a normal amount, like 2:30 a game.

And the solution to the "too many centres!!" problem is that Galchenyuk will of course play left wing, beside Eller, on what will basically be our # 1 line. Briere won't cut into Galchenyuk's time, at even strength or on the PP.

He will lead the team in points next season, book it.
I couldn't understand MT's use of him in the playoffs. He was the best player on the ice for us and then he'd get benched...

Cool that he led us in even strength points too... again though, why no PP time?

That's part of the reason why the Briere signing pissed me off so much, Gally will have to fight another guy who isn't part of our future for PP time.
Originally Posted by feds91 View Post
didn't Seguin lead Bruins in scoring as a 19 year old? i guess it's possible.
Really elite players lead their teams from day one or their second season. Yzerman was an 87 point player as a rookie and Sakic led from his second season on...

Not saying Gally has to do that this year to be elite but it's certainly possible with elite players.
Originally Posted by onemorecup View Post
agreed my friend

what the f , we waited 20 years for a #1 center , he delivers and was hands down our best skilled forward last year in limited miniutes and now he has to play second fiddle again to dd and other midgets who have no future with this team

I can understand if there was a legit #1 ahead of him , Pleks is fine but he is no Galchy in the talent department

this is comical , all I hear is he isnt ready , give me a fng break , if rail thin RNH can play center from day one , Galchy at 205 is ready to go next year

dude will be a superstar , finallly for f sakes after 20 years or so , we finally have a star upfront and we are going to hold him back for who dd, Briere ,

most of our forwards cant carry his jock strap , DD with #1 linemates and first wave of pp time played like CRAP last year , couldnt generate offence to save his life , how the hell can Glachy be worse , cmon
Don't know about that (though I totally agree about it being stupid that he's stuck behind players with inferior talent and potential on the PP) but he has more talent and potential than any forward we've had since... well, since Lafleur.

This team hasn't had a true elite forward since number 10 skated with his hair flowing down the right wing. I know that seems crazy to say but it's true. We've had good forwards Naslund (our last top ten scorer), Richer, Smith, Turgeon, Kovalev... but really nobody who could be said to be a true superstar.

I hope it happens but I'm not expecting it. If he gives us 30 goals and 80-90 points a year I will be ecstatic. If he could get to 100 points that would be beyond anything I could hope for. It will be fun watching him develop over the coming seasons. I just wish we could've paired him with a power forward this year. He, Max and Gallagher would be interesting but they may want to have Prust fill that role so that Max can play with DD. Because if Max doesn't play with DD I think DD becomes really, really useless.

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