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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Spectacular effective play is responding well, even routinely, to the situation in front of you. A very good goalie makes a lot of plays look routine. An adventurous goalie makes a lot of routine plays look difficult.

Theres a difference.

Additionally you fail to consider the difference between a goalie having to make a brilliant save in response to a brilliant play in front of him vs a goalie turning a routine play into a desperate stop. I give more credit to the former as you should too.

I'll take effective everytime.
I definitely agree with the bolded... and I'm a goalie, so I also get the magnified importance of making the *right save* at the *right time*.

But Dubnyk is kinda an interesting case study. People criticize him for his positioning (leading to dramatic saves) but that's actually not the problem. In fact his 1st save positioning is very, very strong. Along with his size, its his best asset. And his scramble is also very good for a large goalie.

Dubnyk's has three problems IMO:
1) Poor rebound control with his legs (he's actually very good up top, especially his 7-hole). He needs to use his stick more.
2) Very poor pro-fly edge work. For a butterfly goalie he should be much better at edging himself back into position while still down. He has the time, but his initial reaction is always to fling himself as though he were further out of position than he actually is. Once you leave your knees to dive, you are done like dinner if the 3rd shot comes.
3) Weak 5-hole. Most of his lemons are in the five hole... perhaps some new, less-blocking, more hybrid, pads would help.

To me #2 and #1 are very workable faults. Plenty of guys, in fact a whole generation, didn't even *learn* the profly until they were in the NHL. Roloson is a great example of a guy who adopted this style in his late twenties/early thirties.

If Dubnyk worked at his butterfly edging, he'd make much better use of his talents (size), become a better 2nd save guy and he could save the heroics for 3rd stops.

A guy with his rebound control and defensive core could certainly stand to add that to his repertoire (sp?).

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