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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Don't want to be the guy that defends Tony....but honestly, you are being way too harsh. If Tony is an idiot...what are Gaston Therrien and 95% of the guys on RDS? And even some writers and commentators we have here? Honestly, we might not agree with what Tony says or does, but compared to most people in the biz, he has substance. He has opinions and actually, again, whether we agree or not, it's not just "because I said so". I disagreed a lot with him lately....but honestly, I compared him to the Michel Villeneuve and almost everything else we have, and where I will agree with you is that we deserve much better. Yet, personnally, I don't think he's on top of the list.

He is amongst the only ones who has interesting invitiations to his show? I mean, for everything we blamed TSN690, his show and others, have the most interesting invitations, like lately Andy Murray. Who on the french side of it had Murray's comment? Oh yes, Jonathan Bernier. That's who. You have Mathias Brunet who gives us some news about our kids. I also like MAG because of how interesting he always is and the guy also happens to sometimes contribute to this site which is awfully great to see. Yes, Tony loves the sound of his voice and actually I think he is also joking about it. But he brings some substance to it. I keep disagreeing with him lately incredibly often but still can't put him in the idiot category. I guess that's just me.
I agree with most of what you're saying, except the part where you say Tony has substance. I don't think I've ever listened to him and heard an original, intelligent thought or observation. And yeah, you name a ton on RDS who make that **** list too. And you name the few that I do listen to or read often. MAG especially. There is also Arpon Basu but he is doing less Montreal focused stuff nowadays, it seems. The fact that we have so few to name just proves my point.

In a city where hockey is religion, we have very few above average preachers.

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