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Originally Posted by BlueDream View Post
Blues fan here. Blues are pretty tough up front. I'd say we're one of the bigger and most physical teams in the West along with LA. Has HeavyHitter seen Chris Stewart fight?

Anyways, if you guys think Perron is gonna be some extreme pest like a Steve Ott or anything even close to that you're going to be sorely disappointed. He's not really much of a pest at all, he doesn't hit or chirp or really get in anyone's face or any of that stuff. The only things he occasionally does is go annoy the goalie in front of the net before some defenseman throws him to the ice like a rag doll.

He's fearless, but he's not really going to add any toughness to your team or anything.

Granted I haven't had the time to read through your entire thread so maybe I'm off base on what you're talking about, but I just don't want you guys to get any misconceptions about him at all. He's not a physical player. He just has a lot of passion for the game and will do whatever to win, whether that's get mauled in front of the net or whatever. Most things don't seem to effect him (except for blind side hits which goes for any player).

Also the 205 lbs he's listed at on your site is pretty generous. I'd say he's about 6'0'' 195 maybe.

He has good hands. Just needs to learn how to release the puck quicker on his wrist shot if he wants to become that 30 goal scorer. But being surrounded with skilled guys in Edmonton, I think he could reach that number. He needs to play in an offensive system to fully use his creativity, but he still needs to make quicker decisions and shoot more. The talent is there for sure though.
I never said he was a super pest but he does have pest qualities (which none of our top 6 does). And that's coming from my own personal observations and from other Blues fans. No body said he was going to play physical either. I don't know if he'll ever be a 30 goal scorer but once he learns to not hang onto the puck for so long, I think he'll be more effective. It's nice that you guys play physical, I've seen Gagner play physical, still doesn't back up the "pleanty of tough forwards". Thank you for coming to post this though, always nice to hear from the players former team.

Oh but btw HeavyHitter has seen Chris Stewart fight. I've been watching him since before Blues fans even knew he existed

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