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07-12-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Your mileage varying.

I would state that angrily giving the finger to 20K fans and disrespecting the paying faithful in a sport largely dependent on gate revenue is deplorable. Bettman and the NHL agreed, and fined him and discussed the egregious act with him. What this could be as well is a generational difference. I would not flip the bird in that way in anything even remotely tied to my profession and the action holds a different connotation for me.

But the worst part of all for me is that Ference resolutely lied about his actions. For me, personally I don't abide people evading responsibility and bold faced lying about an obvious action. Thats just me, not being sarcastic with this, we all have different things that impact us.

tbh neither instance is likely the true mark of the person. just in my view one is a significant character flaw.

enough of this though.

Ference will improve the Oilers team.
Your generation gave us Slap Shot, the Broad Street Bullies and Eddie Shack.

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