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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
If Perron stays healthy (and that's a risk with any player... not just Perron), this trade is a steal for the Oilers.

I think people are underrating Perron's defensive abilities somewhat as well. Yes he played under Hitch which probably gives him a leg up in that area just by being in that system... but he plays well defensively and takes responsibility in his own end and offensively he's a clear cut above Magnus as well... in both goal scoring and playmaking he's put up better numbers.

Of course Paajarvi is still developing and will improve... but Perron is young enough that he still has upside as well.

For me it's a clear case of a trading for player that has arrived for a player that is still on his journey. We won't truly know until the ends of their careers who ended up the best... but that's too long a time horizon anyway. These players might change teams 2-3 more times in their careers before all is said and done.

The whole point is to make your team as strong as possible and Perron gives the Oilers an edge while obtaining a player that's only a few years older than Magnus. It would be a different story entirely if the player they were getting back was in his mid-late 30's... that would be a quick fix, all-in type deal that could burn them for being too anxious to make a deal, but that's not what the Oilers did in this case.

The biggest risk is if injuries re-occur but that can happen to any player at any time and although that has to be weighed as part of the equation, I think that's a risk you have to take in acquiring any players that have any element of physical/gritty/pest play in their game.

Even soft players who don't play that style get injured (as we have MANY examples of on the Oilers for many years now)... there's really no way to take that risk out of the picture and get a guaranteed 82 games per year player (unless you are an ironman like Cogliano... then the Oilers trade you away. )
Solid post. Well said

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