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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Respectfully disagree. I think its refreshing when an individual puts family, quality of life, and their heart ahead of making yet more gobs of money. Rare, but refreshing.
If I thought for a minute that was the case here I'd be agreeing with you.

Lets remember that this is a guy who turned down twelve year $101 million and seven year $70 million offers from the Thrashers before being traded and eventually signing his illegal (longest in the history of the MHL) seventeen year deal with the Devils. This guy has always been about the money.
All the hoopla surrounding his free agency and his "demands" was ridiculous.

Second, I've always been a believer in honoring the contracts you sign. I criticize Kovalchuck for the same reasons I criticize Pronger. Its even worse in Kovalchuck's case because he had the gall to sign a seventeen year deal. Who does that?

Kovalchuck gets no special consideration because he's Russian. He wants to play at home? Fine, do so after you have honored your contractual obligations. Or better yet, don't lobby to get yourself the longest contract in NHL history if you are so unsure of your ability to endure life away from your homeland.

Certainly he's not a loser.
It would be tough to call him a winner given his NHL career.

That said KHL is going to be more and more a reasonable option for many more players. Several rinks, including the one in Sochi, are putting a different potential spin on KHL.
I have no problem with that. The Russians produce a lot of great players and its natural that the fans there want to see their best players.
If more Russian players elect to play at home that would be fine with me. Not like the NHL is going to fold up or anything.

5-10yrs from now who's to say that a Euro-Asian expanded league market doesn't hold similar weight to the NHL. The world order is changing. Economically, power, etc. NA's dance in the sun could be past zenith.
I'd say that's extremely unlikely. I'm familiar with the "hockey" played in Asian countries like China, ROK and Japan. Trust me, its laughable. Russia has money for now, but most of the Asian states created out of the USSR are still pretty poor and backward. Infrastructure and air travel is dodgy to say the least. Even in the KHL there are probably only a half dozen really first class franchises (by NHL standards).

Kovalchuck will float his way through the rest of his career. I'm glad I won't have to watch it.

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